Links to Information and Resources on Cameroon

By Frances Kelley

Here is useful background on the Cameroon situation. The Independent and Aljazeera, among other newspapers and media, are providing constant updates.

Genocide Watch alert status for Cameroon
Genocide Watch 10 stages
Amnesty Press Release 10-9
Raices fact sheet on discrimination against Black immigrants
Senate Resolution Cameroon
State Department Country Report Cameroon
Travel Advisory Cameroon 9-28
Letter to Omni 10-21 from TASSC & other groups
8-26 CRCL letter from SPLC, FFI, CAC, ISLA
10-7 CRCL letter from SPLC & FFI
9-18 letter to Congress from CAC, ILRC & others
Letter to OIG 11-11 from Sens. Van Hollen, Markey, Gillibrand, & Warren
Letter to ICE 11-12 from Reps. Thompson, Maloney, Rice, Raskin, Cooper
Press Release 10-28 Sens. Van Hollen, Coons, Markey, Cardin
Letter to DHS 10-28 from Sens. Van Hollen, Coons, Markey, Cardin
Press Release 11-10 by Rep. Bass & others
Letter 10-13 to ICE from Reps. Castro, Omar, & Richmond
Letter 10-13 to ICE from Reps. Thompson & Bass
Press Release 10-13 about letter from Reps. Thompson & Bass
Press Release 9-8 about Senate Resolution on Cameroon
Dallas News story 10-28
Dallas News story 10-12
Global News story 10-30 (ICE denying meeting with Canadian Border Services Agency)
Guardian story 11-9
Guardian story 10-22
Mail & Guardian story 11-3
Democracy Now 11-10
Quartz Africa story 11-11
The Nation story 11-9
Global News story 11-12
Prospect story
NBC News story 10-31
NBC News story 10-14
Immigration Impact story 10-14
Foreign Policy story 10-26
AP story 10-13
New York Review 9-8 story hunger strikers
In These Times 10-7 story hunger strike
Imm Print 10-20 story- Irwin survivors deportation
Immigration Impact story 9-15 forced hysterectomies
San Diego Tribune 10-12 story
The Intercept 10-2 story forced hysterectomies
LA Times story 10-13
VOA story 10-14
San Diego Tribune story 10-14
BBC story 10-30
This American Life story 11-6 (act 3)
10-30 Call to Action- OMNI Investor call
Spectrum news story 11-14 petition

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