INFORMATION – Release from Detention

Pending release from Detention center

Please note that ICE and the detention center are required to provide transport to the nearest airport or full service bus station as per the 2011 agreed standards. They do this a few times a week. Immigrants can request to be provided free transport to an airport or full service greyhound bus station by ICE. The sponsor/family is responsible for purchasing a plane ticket or bus ticket (Please do not buy a ticket for the day of release unless there is an option for a late departure on the day of release). Not all greyhound bus stations in the state have buses each day. The only full service bus stations are in Shreveport, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans. Lafayette and Monroe have limited service and Alexandria is a laundromat and not an option unless you know you will arrive on a day that a bus is actually departing from Alexandria.

Airports – All but one detention center are far away from airports. If asked to purchase a plane ticket for someone to be released ask which airport ICE will transport them to. Only purchase a ticket that leaves after 4pm on the day of release if the ICE office can guarantee that the bus transporting released immigrants can get to the airport two hours prior to the flight.

LA/ MS Detention CenterNearest AirportMiles/Travel timeAirlines at this airportFlights after 4pm
Central Louisiana at JenaAEX Alexandria, LA44 miles/  55 minutesAmerican, United, Deltayes
WinnAEX Alexandria, LA53 miles/ 1 hour 3 minAmerican, United, Deltayes
WinnSHV Shreveport, LA97 miles/ 1 hour 40 minAmerican, United, Deltayes
JacksonSHV Shreveport, LA87 miles/ 1 hour 31 min.American, United, Deltayes
JacksonMLU Monroe, LA63 miles/ 1 hour 7 min.American, United, DeltaYes
RichwoodMLU Monroe, LA7 miles/ 14 min.American, United, Deltayes
RiverMLU Monroe, LA86 miles/ 1 hour 32 min.American, United, Deltayes
RiverAEX Alexandria, LA72 miles / 1 hour 22 min.American, United, Deltayes
RiverBTR Baton Rouge, LA96 miles/ 1 hour 46 min.American, United, Deltayes
AllenAEX Alexandria LA64 miles/ 1 hour 6 min.American, United, DeltaYes
AllenLFT Lafayette, LA76 miles/ 1 hour 20 min.American, United, DeltaYes  
Pine PrairieAEX Alexandria LA48 miles/ 55 min.American, United, DeltaYes  
Pine PrairieLFT Lafayette, LA61 miles/ 1 hour 9 minAmerican, United, DeltaYes  
South LA. BasileLFT Lafayette, LA55 miles/ 1 hour 3 minAmerican, United, DeltaYes  
Adams  Natchez, MSJAN Jackson, MS112 miles / 1 hour 45 min.American, United, Delta, SouthwestYes
Adams Natchez, MSBTR Baton Rouge, LA95 miles/ 1 hour 40 minAmerican, United, DeltaYes
Adams Natchez, MSAEX Alexandria LA96 miles/ 1 hour 56 min.American, United, DeltaYes

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