There are two main ways you may help:

  • Become a LA-AID volunteer or donate goods and services, please sign up. Transport released immigrants, become a pen pal for an immigrant in detention, provide donated goods, temporary housing, and/or work in the background with advocacy and fundraising. Pick your passion. We need your help!
  • Become a LA-AID transportation phone hotline volunteer that receives calls from immigrant about to be released 9am – 7pm Monday – Friday. We prefer those who are bilingual English/Spanish who can volunteer from one hour to several hours a week. Ready to volunteer please complete this form, and we will send you links to our training materials. Have a question about the hotline volunteer work, email at laaidtransport@gmail.com 

Have a question, contact LA-AID


Louisiana Advocates for Immigrants in Detention
P.O. Box 51441
Lafayette, LA 70505

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