In 2021 LA-AID has worked almost daily with immigrants traveling from detention facilities to their sponsors and families. Your contributions help support them with funds for transportation to airports and bus stations, and incidental costs including communication and overnight lodging while in transit.

Sometimes families are able to provide these things, but sometimes we provide disposable cell phones since there may not be operable pay phones transferring on long trips by Greyhound. In winter we like to provide jackets or blankets for travel since people may be released from detention in just shorts and a T-shirt.

Costs are high for each person since everything costs money and even small costs add up. As of April 1, 2021, our funds are much depleted and we request donations in any amount.

Contributions to the Acadiana Group are tax-deductible. You can send checks to:

Louisiana Advocates for Immigrants in Detention – Acadiana Group
P.O. Box 51441
Lafayette, LA 70505

You can also donate to the Acadiana Group via PayPal. Our account e-mail address is

Donation via PayPal

Your receipt will come from CUPS, but all funds will be used for the work of LA-AID. Donations are set to $5 increments. To donate $25, for example, choose 5 times $5.


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